Let's Talk Environment

The Plasnot Eco-Warrior program is constantly recruiting people around the globe who are passionate about surrounding themselves with more eco-friendly things, reducing the plastic waste in the world, and efficient recycling solutions. 

Let's Talk Environment (LTE) joined the Eco-Warrior program in October, 2019, after being a frequent green-earth promoter for years.  Having talked with people around the world about all of the common frustrations with recycling and plastic waste, LTE quickly showed support for the Plasnot cause.  LTE has shown a keen interest to help people spend more time with eco-friendly things and less time with plastic! Learn more about LTE by visiting the Instagram page.

To support Let's Talk Environment and his cause, make sure you use the code "Lets-Talk-Environment" when you're checking out. 

Click here to find out how you can join the cause!  Eco-Warriors include individuals, organisations and groups, and companies. 

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